‘Consider the imbalance between a fox and the English hunters who chase it. The one weighs a few kilos and the other has the combined weight of horses, men, and dogs!  You would never think this is a worthy contest, with the fox having any chance to escape.

‘But the fox has one thing going for it; it has cunning. By the use of cunning it can sometimes manage to get away.

‘So, little brother, when we make our run for the border tonight, remember we are foxes; then the whole army, all the way up to the Oppressor, will not catch us.’

–by Susan Cornford

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  1. Michael Lane Reply

    Dear Susan,
    Very entertaining snapshot. I can guess the voice is older than the one receiving advice. The city I hail from Leicester, u.k has the town sign as the Fox. We see them regularly. And they both hide away and are bold when there is no threat. Interesting mix. Hope they get away with it.
    Michael Lane.

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