Issue 21

3 comments on “Issue 21”

  1. Michael Lane Reply

    This is a quality find.
    There is a tremendous geographical range as befits an internet publication. I liked all the writing, though my favourites veered towards the naturalism of ‘Cash for Gold ‘and the strength of Nick Gallup’s work. The plot twists of “Fontanelle’ are worthy a Renaissance Tragedy. Overall, amazing that such a lot of quality reading is packed into a trim magazine!
    Thank you.
    MIchael Lane.

    • The Fable Online Reply

      Hello Michael, we are glad you took time to read this issue and glad that you enjoyed it. Our next issue will be up soon, hope you’ll like that too! Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Michael Lane Reply

    Pleasure to read your magazine. As I put, there was a variety of styles but everything was an enlightening read. Best wishes for future publications.
    Michael Lane.

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