Jack of all trades, you say? Sounds appealing.

We are a not-for-profit journal that is not limited by genre. We strive to publish works of fiction that grant us some divine knowledge and linger on for weeks after the first read. Or you know, good writing. 

Our publication encompasses everything and so much more. Send us your battered heroes, your evil antagonist, your fallen angel, your painted words, your daring heroines, and your heart and soul. (Don’t worry, we don’t trade in the latter)

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Founder and Executive Editor — Sarah Kedar

You’ll find her sipping a cup of tea while plotting to conquer the world (but she’s lazy to do anything). A devoted INTJ, reading, drawing and writing are what fuel her. She is about yay high and her favorite band is Metallica. 

Find her musings on her blog here.

Associate Editor — Heather White

Heather White hails from the lands of the Appalachian Mountains. She spent her childhood moving, giving her a love for books, games, and stories which drives her passion for twisting tropes. Her writing passions run towards the paranormal and the romantic with an emphasis on superheroes. Her short story “Strawberry Sins” is available in the Steampunk Fairy Tales anthology.

Find her musings on her blog here.

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