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‘Consider the imbalance between a fox and the English hunters who chase it. The one weighs a few kilos and the other has the combined weight of horses, men, and dogs!  You would never think this is a worthy contest, with the fox having any chance to escape. ‘But the fox has one thing going

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 We were sitting at the edge of the pool—shin-deep in crisp, moonlit water—when he reached his arm around me and said, “I’m going to hell.” “What do you mean?” I asked.  “Or to someplace, I’m not certain.” I sat up to look at his face, which was starting to blur.  “I don’t understand,” I said, and then he

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The Chariot

Fire and ice roar through my veins. I am a god. I ride upon the chariot of death. On each fist, I wear a black gauntlet of doom, and my face is hidden beneath the mask of fury. Far below me, little creatures flee in fear. Once proud emerald towers fall before my power. A

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Marcel wrapped his arms over his chest, not making any move to wipe away the tears. He shouldn’t have left. He knew it the second he closed the door to his apartment that he’d made a mistake. But it wasn’t something he could change now. Four minutes. That’s how much time he had until the

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She strokes the talisman beneath her pillow. Outside, the wind howls and thunder rumbles. “Let tonight be different,” she prays. She kisses the rosary and sets it on the nightstand, as she climbs onto the musty, overstuffed mattress. Branches fling themselves against the battered house like pick-up sticks and rain pelts the bolted windows, as she clutches the covers.

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Djinn Mustard

Zeinab’s mother covered her daughter’s eyes through most of Aladdin. She hated the eponym’s mystical companion, the shape-shifter with his feet curled like devil horns. “Djinns!” She would exclaim, “Ghouls of smokeless fire!” Zeinab learned to similarly fear these apparitions that slunk invisibly between worlds. She dreaded the thought of a spectral spectator who could

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Oil Hill

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch water. When they arrive there’s no water, instead a large oil gusher. They run back home and tell their mother. “Mom we’re going to need barrels.” Both cry out. “Don’t be silly and stop playing in the mud.” Said their mother. ~by Denny E. Marshall

You Can Leave Your Hat On

“It’s kinda cold; here, you can wear my hat.” “I’m not going to wear your funky Yankees cap while we’re having sex; I’d feel stupid.” “I think I’ll wear your lacey pink bra around my neck like a scarf.  Ya know; get in touch with my feminine side. How’s it look?  Do I not play the vamp with a certain

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