Frolicking in the woods of Appalachia, our hearts singing in the quiet beauty of its protection, we follow the colored shafts of sunlight, their shoots of gold and green choosing our paths. In the midst of our home, letting our hands slip at a fork, we part to different ways, each caught by a foreign

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Organic Magic

His head fit so snugly in her pocket that when the eyes blinked she felt it on her thigh. She chuckled when she saw the sign in front of the burnt shell of the chapel. An “r” had been removed, and an “a” and a “t” added so that it read “incantation” instead of “incarnation”. 

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Purpose Built

It was a featured section of the country park but seldom used. The last rainstorm had destabilized the high banking access. The water was cold and slow moving – delightful. He stripped and peeled off the faux-human dermis before plunging into the old reservoir basin, again wondering if he was the only hybrid left. A figure in a gillie-suit emptied

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