Return of Spring

End of March, snow starting to melt. Water dripping off the eaves. Snow banks shrinking. Finally, Elmer thought as he drank his coffee by the kitchen window. His eyebrows shot up as he recognized the slop pail with which he’d sent his wife to feed the hogs in the November blizzard. Her fingers still clutched the handle. “Bout

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Passive and Active Voice

The debate over passive voice and its antonym has reigned over for decades. Many writers – established and new – consider passive voice as incorrect and something that needs to be re-written. According to an article appearing in the Scribophile Academy, there are a lot of misconceptions about what passive voice actually is. According to

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Writing Style

The task of selecting a good book to read is becoming more arduous. With ebooks proliferating in the already crowded market, the reader’s chore is far beyond picking a genre. Critics‘ recommendations are not always reliable. The difficulty of being objective, now coupled with rewards given for writing good reviews, can lead to unwarranted praise.I discovered

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