Update: We’ve changed our publication schedule.  

We are currently accepting submissions in four major categories:

Short Story: 1,000 to 7,000

Flash Fiction: 300 to 1,000.

Poetry: Max 100 lines

Microfiction: 100 to 300

What to send us:

All genres are accepted here at Fable. We do have a particular liking for

  • Satire/Humor
  • Literary Fiction
  • Dark, speculative fiction
  • Magical Realism
  • Horror
  • Fiction that invokes a deep thought

What to not send us:

  • Any teen romance, supernatural romance, werewolf romance, weird romance – you get the idea.
  • Gratuitous violence, gore, erotica, and bad language. If any of the above serves a purpose in the story, then we might overlook it.
  • Any fan fiction.
  • Non-fiction

General (but important) bits:

  • Submit original and unpublished stories. Stories that are available online, for example in blogs, are considered published and will not be accepted.
  • Send up to four pieces. However, please complete an individual form for each piece as it will allow timely and proper feedback for each individual piece. 
  • Please wait until you hear from us to send in more work. 
  • Accepted formats are .docx, .doc, .odt, .rtf, .pdf, etc.
  • We are not particular about formatting. So long as the work is readable, you’ll be fine. (If the font size is maintained at 12, we’d be grateful)
  • Please include a brief cover letter. Don’t be rude, introduce yourself.
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed (because how else are you supposed to get published?), provided you inform us of this fact upon submission and withdraw the piece immediately if accepted elsewhere.
  • Microfiction is released roughly every Wednesday and included in a bi-annual volume. All other forms are published every month in our monthly issue.

Rights and Payments:

  • At this point, we can only promise our adoration and, of course, publishing credits to our contributors. (Psst! We are working to change that)
  • By submitting to us, you are granting first publication rights to all published pieces. The right to reprint the work reverts to the author upon publication. We also retain Nonexclusive Archival rights so that we may continue to archive your work.
  • Any future publishers of the work that appear first in this venue must credit The Fable Online for first publication.

Response Time:

The response time is 40 days.

If you do not hear from us after that, write to us on with the subject Query and we’ll get back to you.

Publication Schedule:

Jan/Feb/March — Published in March

Apr/May/June — Published in June

July/Aug/Sept — Published in September

Oct/Nov/Dec — Published in Dec

Submissions are open throughout the year. Each work is considered for the future collection it will fit best. You do not need to target a specific submission window or theme for your work to be considered.

How to submit:

All your submissions must be done via the Submittable page. If one submits through our email, they’ll be directed to use the Submittable page instead.

Send in a third-person bio no more than 150 words.

We are proudly listed on Duotrope and The Submissions Grinder. Please take out some time and report your submissions. If you’d like to know more about what makes us tick, consider reading Six Questions For.